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  • Lavender (lavandula angustifolia)

  • Cedarwood (cedrus atlantica)

  • Roman chamomile (Chamaemeium Nobile)

  • Coconut oil

With a unique combination of four relaxing scents, this portable roll-on oil is perfect for when you need a little calm while on the go or at the end of a hectic day. Breathe in the relaxing aroma and let the mingling of  lavender, chamomile, and cedarwood--punctuated by the tropical notes of coconut oil--cleanse your spirit in a wave of zen-like repose.

Get this soothing blend in the convenience of a portable bottle to carry with you in your purse or briefcase.

Tranquil Roll-on Essential Oil Uses

  • Bedtime regimen: Prepare yourself or the kids for bed with the soothing scents of Tranquil oil applied to the soles of the feet.

  • Relaxation: Rub over your heart to focus inward in the midst of distraction. Or, apply to neck and shoulders and massage for 20-30 seconds.


Rub liberally on back of neck or wrists as desired.

Caution: If the user is or may be pregnant, nursing, taking medication, or has a known medical condition, consult a health professional  before using for the first time. Keep out of reach of children.

Bottle Size
10ml Contains 10ml of essential oil.

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